SOINCO (South Inspection Company)

Pre-shipment inspections

Was founded in 2006.

The main our aim is to provide survey-expert services of all forms of ownership, transporting/carriers, entrepreneurs, agricultural producers and small businesses to protect their economic interests in the conduct of production, foreign economic and other types of activities, including in disputable and arbitration situations with the release of accounting documents adopted in domestic and international practice, in Russian or English languages.

Main types of services:

  1. Pre-shipment inspections;
  2. Determination of the number of cargoes on ships during loading and unloading according to draft draft by the method of draft survey;
  3. Determination of the amount of liquid cargo in the railway. tanks, shore tanks and tankers when loading or unloading them;
  4. Inspection of loading and unloading in automobile and rail transport;
  5. Inspection of loading and unloading containers;
  6. Issue of a certificate on the transport characteristics of the goods on the basis of the declaration of the CNIIMF;

SOINCO provides services to the following organizations:

  1. Trading and manufacturing companies;
  2. Transportation, logistics and warehousing companies;
  3. State and intergovernmental committees and organizations;
  4. Banks and financial companies;
  5. Insurance companies;
  6. Construction and investment companies (including Real Estate Investment Funds);
Inspection of loading and unloading containers

SOINCO, thanks to its extensive network of its branches and regional representative offices, and through its regional representatives and inspectors, promptly renders services throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries to protect the interests of the Clients.

Also, in the framework of cooperation with our foreign partners, we provide services almost everywhere abroad Russian Federation (more information can be obtained at your request to SOINCO).

In order to fully meet the needs of customers, SOINCO constantly expands the list of services provided. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about all services we offer, upon your request to us.